Department of Nephrology

About Nephrology

The Department of Nephrology, at Kasturba Hospital Manipal is one of the earliest to offer full-fledged nephrology care to patients along the Konkan Coast from Calicut to Goa. The department houses a state-of-the-art haemodialysis unit with trained dialysis nurses and technicians with 24-hour back up. The water purification systems include a reserve osmosis plant of international standards. The Centre has a dedicated haemodialysis facility for patients of acute kidney injury & critical care patients. Recognised for performing renal transplants, it was the first department to provide this service in the region. The department also boasts of Plasmapheresis facility to facilitate plasma removal, which is required in certain neurological and autoimmune disorders. Department offering services for management of all kidney disorder including kidney disease in children and vascular access related issues.

Contact Details

Court Road, Udupi, Karnataka – 576101

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Nephrological Procedures

  • Renal Transplantation
  • Renal Biopsy
  • Central Venous catheterizations

Peritoneal Dialysis - Acute and Chronic

    • Plasmapheresis
    • 24 hour ambulatory BP monitoring
    • BP TRU for white coat hypertension. NGAL testing for acute kidney injury
    • Continuous renal replacement for critical illness
    • Hem adsorption – Acute poisoning
    • Kidney imaging

Renal Transplantation Program

The Nephrology Centre collectively oversee a very successful ongoing “Live Related Donor Renal Transplantation” programme(the first Renal Transplant was made in oct 1993).This programme offers a relatively affordable package inclusive of donor kidney harvesting and recipient surgery. The Centre thus provides succour to those economically deprived, requiring renal replacement in end stage renal disease.Recently the centre has started “Cadaver Renal Transplantation” from cadaver donors and donors across blood group (ABO incompatibility).

The Team

Dr. Dharshan Rangasway

Professor & HOD

Dr. Shankar Prasad

Professor & Unit Head

Dr. Indu R Rao

Associate Professor

Dr. Srinivas Shenoy

Associate Professor

Dr. Mohan V B

Associate Professor