Critical Care Medicine

About Critical Care Medicine

The department of Critical Care at Kasturba Hospital caters to a variety of patients from different specialties. The department manages two intensive care units with a total of 32 beds and a HDU with 14 beds. We provide ventilator support, haemodynamic support and other supportive care to critically ill patients. Our department consists of two associate professors, 8 assistant professors and two senior residents working full time in the department. We train anaesthesiology and internal medicine postgraduates who are rotated through ICU every month. We have efficient nursing staff with 80 nurses of various seniorities working full time in the ICU. The department has controlled documents such as policies and guidelines for smooth functioning of the ICU.

Contact Details

HOD: Dr. Shwethapriya Rao

1st Floor, Emergency Block

Madhav Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104


Scope of Services

  • We provide an emergency response team, “Code Blue”, in case of cardiopulmonary arrest anywhere in the hospital.
  • We provide vascular access in patients with difficult venous access
  • We admit patients who need organ support due to critical illness.
  • We manage patients from specialties like neurosurgery, Hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal surgery, general surgery, general medicine, infectious diseases, respiratory medicine,  oro-maxillo facial surgery, orthopedics , nephrology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, gastroenterology and urology. We take opinions from the relevant specialties wherever necessary.
  • We encourage organ donation whenever the relatives are willing for donation in a patient who suffers brainstem death.
  • We conduct family meetings/ counseling whenever there is a change in the patients condition and update the family regarding the same.
  • Patient relatives visiting times are morning 07.00am – 07.30am and evening 18.00am – 18..30pm. If the patient relatives wish to speak to the doctor in between these times, ICU doctor will be available.

The Team

Dr. Shwethapriya Rao

Head of Department

Dr. Trevor Sequeira

Associate Professor

Dr. Souvik Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor

Dr. Megha Sharma

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sagar Maddani S

Assistant Professor

Dr. Arun N R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sunil R

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vishal Shanbag

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vedaghosh Amara

Assistant Professor

Dr. Vishwas P

Assistant Professor